Family Session Style Tips

Booking your session is one thing, but finding what to wear is equally as important! If you have to find outfits for an entire family, that can be a daunting task. Here are few tips and suggestions when planning for your photo session:

Style Tips

-Think about what time of year it is and what the photos will be used for. If you plan to display photos in your home, think about what color scheme would work well on your walls. If the photos are for your annual holiday card, then maybe you want to wear something festive. Festive doesn’t always have to be traditional holiday colors, however! Consider jewel tones or winter whites.

-Don’t be afraid to get a little fancy! If you want to also feature a more casual look, book a longer session that allows for outfit changes. But ultimately wear something that you feel good in and is comfortable to move in.

-Not everyone has to have all new clothing. See what you already have in your closet that will coordinate with other family members. You may find you only need to shop for a pair of shoes for you and some pants for your child. Sometimes it’s best for Mom to pick an outfit she feels confident in first, then have everyone else coordinate. Other times it’s easier to pick your child’s clothing first then work around that.

-Don’t over do it on the patterns. Pick one or possibly two family members to wear a pattern. Have everyone else wear more solid colors that will coordinate.

-Wether you choose to have all guys similar and all girls similar or have everyone do their own thing, stay in the same color scheme and fabric choice. For example, maybe all the girls wear different color dresses, but they all have some lace on them.

-Ladies: Make sure you love what you are wearing and feel comfortable. Don’t put yourself last in choosing an outfit! Wear a dress or skirt if you feel comfortable to do so. Dresses are typically very flattering in photos. Watch for bra straps showing. Dresses really aren’t your thing? Then wear your favorite pair of jeans and go-to top that you feel great in!

-Men: watch the socks! Wear socks you don’t mind being seen in the photos or consider opting for no show socks depending on shoe style. Don’t be afraid to wear a blazer or jacket to add to your outfit.

Tips for Kids Clothing

-If ordering online, order early, and consider ordering multiple sizes in case one size doesn’t quite fit. This will prevent an item from being sold out or not getting to you in time for the session if you have to return and reorder a new size.

-Don’t forget about kids socks too! These will likely show when sitting down.

-Make sure your child is comfortable. This will make the overall experience more enjoyable.

-Leave your younger kids in PJ’s or play clothes until you get to the session location. Arrive early enough to dress your child on location. This prevents any card ride mishaps from ruining an outfit.

-Have your child try on their outfit ahead of time and talk up getting photos taken in their special outfit.

Feel free to reach out if you would like some help with the look you are considering!